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Editing Samples Within the Kontakt Wave Editor (Video Tutorial)

Not everything you record will be perfect, and sometimes when you are creating a Kontakt Library you will find the need to manipulate and tweak your samples after exporting from your DAW to fix some inconsistencies with a recording. There is a sample that I want to show you that I found to be trouble once I dragged it into the Kontakt mapping editor. To listen to this sample for yourself check out the video.

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How to Create Kontakt Library Wallpaper

One of the most popular questions I get asked is how to create Kontakt Library background images, or as Native Instruments calls it, “Wallpaper.” Fortunately, I go in depth on this subject in my new course “How to Create Kontakt Libraries from Scratch” and I wanted to share an excerpt of the course with you so that you can get some insight on how I make the backgrounds for my Kontakt Libraries.

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How to Make a Kontakt Library in 5 Steps

Creating Kontakt libraries can seem like a huge undertaking, but I’m going to teach you how to make a Kontakt Library in only 5 Steps. You might think that recording a high quality sample library not possible at home, but I accomplished everything in this article with standard, affordable music gear that can be bought at any music retailer. Let’s go!

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