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“I have recorded with a variety of artists and engineers, but none offered the level of expertise that I found with Ryan. You can be confident with your music in his capable hands. I was blown away by the professionalism I experienced while recording with him, and also felt completely comfortable and relaxed. I would recommend this studio to anyone. Ryan will make you sound your absolute best!”


“I’ve been a faithful client for the past four years, and Ryan has always been incredibly professional, down to earth, and reliable. Ryan makes himself very available to his clients, and I’ve always been able to get in touch. I always feel comfortable which helps bring out the best in me and my music. Ryan has an incredible way of giving helpful advice but still giving an artist complete creative freedom and control. This is my favorite studio I’ve recorded at hands down.”


“Ryan is very encouraging and I felt so comfortable being myself singing. Ryan has an incredible gift and a great ear for music. If there is something that can sound better, he will make sure that it sounds better by giving optional tips. You won’t be disappointed!”


“I worked very closely with Ryan on a number of projects within the last year. I used his recording, mixing, and scoring services. Ryan’s knowledge is unparalleled, especially for the price point! His patience and attention to detail will ensure that the finished product will be exactly what you desired when going in.

As a film scorer, Ryan has the rare gift of being able to write clever and engaging music that will enhance the film without drawing too much attention to the score and away from the film.”


“Ryan aka the “Neurosurgeon of Music” is so much more than just a guy that will record your music. He truly cares about your music and seeks to understand your particular vision as a musician, for an album, or for a simple track. He is extremely thorough, meticulous, and passionate about his work. His ear is particularly tuned as music producer; he will hear things in a track that no one else notices...great attention to detail! He will come alongside you not just as a business partner, but as a friend too. He truly makes you and your music a priority, and I know first hand that he works long hours into the night to make sure that your music is how you want it. I learned so much from just watching him use the recording programs, and anytime I had a question about what he was doing he would teach me and show me exactly what he was doing. Not to mention he plays every instrument, so if you need a back up for a track, he is also wildly musically talented! Trust me, when you’re spending hundreds of dollars on recording an album, you want someone that knows what they’re doing both musically and technologically. That made a HUGE difference. He also was always able to recruit other musicians to help with the track within days notice. For the quality of his work, Ryan is extremely affordable, and you will never have to worry that he is being dishonest with pricing. I look forward to hopefully recording again with Ryan someday. I have some of the best memories with him.”



Guitar Lessons | Acoustic or Electric

Leave the guitar tricks and tips for YouTube. Free lessons are great for starting to learn guitar chords and other various concepts, but online guitar lessons will never come close to the one-on-one attention that private guitar lessons can offer. Excel faster with live feedback and custom tailored lesson plans. Acoustic guitar and Electric guitar lessons available.

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